Real Estate

Muñoz Law is pleased to represent clients with regards to all matters involving the ownership, sale, acquisition of residential or commercial real property.   At Muñoz law, we are dedicated to providing high quality and professional legal representation while making every effort to exceed the client’s expectations.

The practice of Real Estate law primarily involves representing individuals owners, sellers, buyers and investors of residential or commercial real property with regards to their dealings in real estate matters of all types ranging pre-contract negotiations when acquiring or selling real estate all the way through the Closing and with all aspects in between, including negotiating and preparing contracts; handling all issues pertaining to due diligence and inspections; lien and property searches; zoning and land use; financing; document preparation and review, title examination and the issuing of title insurance representing buyers and sellers of real estate while also serving as in-house counsel for Riva Title Company.

Mr. Muñoz will also be handling other types of representations in addition to those in the areas of personal injury and real estate law on a case by case basis, including but not limited to matters involving commercial litigation, wills, probate, and estate planning.

For more information on how we can assist you with all of your real estate matters email us at or call us at (305) 442-8414.